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2009-12-31 PPTP

31 December, 2009


When the client has to access network which is attached to the destination. PPTP has to configure to set remote gateway as default gateway.
In this case, the client got problem while access Internetwork.It can ping internet web site. But cannot access it by browser.
IM such as Skype, Live Messenger cannot login successfully.

2009-11-24 Vmfusion cannot open image

25 December, 2009

VM (operating system)Image via Wikipedia

Today, I got one VM image (created by VM Fusion) and opened it with VM Player.

When I installed Notes, VPN client on the OS environment of VM image.

After that, one colleague opened it with VM Fusion, got prompt message that VM Fusion cannot open the image file.

Got no idea how come it can be. Cannot find any hints from VMware community forum.

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